Title. HELLO, MY NAME IS ENGR. JONATHAN E. SIHAY, Chairman, Ways and Means Committee. / Vice-President, PTA Board-2009 -Jasaan National High School, Jasaan Misamis Oriental.

Paragraph. We are raising money for our school. But whatever donations or partications or cooperations you may understandably and generously give us, we are assurely making it multiplied and possible be return to you with a high value. The goal target that we are aiming for to achieve is P250,000 starting December which then ends by March 2009. The target number of Donors or Sponsors is 1300 parents. We made a superb offer that each parent donates P50 per week by simply buying items/commodities they may need from our Accredited List of our Provider. The P50 weekly pledges is to last for 12 weeks or 3 months only. The Mechanics is that once a parent cash-spends his/her money, immediately a "GIFT-PURCHASE COUPON" equivalent to the amount is given to him/her. The Gift-Purchase Coupon(GPC) shall be used to purchase the items/commodities he/she likes por value and are available from our Affiliated Providers. Aside from this immediate por value-return of the parents donation... more privileges and oportunities he even gets, as an ADD-ON to being a donor or sponsor, at NO ADDITIONAL COST ON PARENT'S PART. Click the "What about it" Menu at the left column of this page. THANK YOU FOR ALLOWING US TO ASK HELP FROM YOU! - CLICK "WHAT ABOUT IT" NOW! OR CALL / CONTACT US NOW AT: 0920.450.6400